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Colors that POP!

As of recent, I’ve become very inspired by the current trend: bold, bright colors that make a statement. This summer it seems that any saturated color of the rainbow is game. I love wearing black and white – and they are always a good choice – but with the abundance of good color options out right now, why not have a little fun? Don’t throw your blacks and whites to the side, but by all means, add a little color to spice up the look! You know you have a pair of beautiful, white linen pants you love to wear during the summer… what a great blank canvas to do basically anything you want.

I tend to be partial to bold patterned tops paired with plain white pants (no matter how crazy the print of the top is, the white pants balance out the busyness, creating a sleek look, full of personality), but I’m especially loving the solid bright colored, 3/4-length sleeve, light-weight cardigans that are everywhere in stores right now. They are such a basic item that have so many possibilities. They can be worn casual with a tank and shorts, or they can look a little dressier with jeans, a nice top, and heels, or an appropriate dress.

Another place bold colors are standing out? Shoes and bags! A bright colored heel or sandal worn with an outfit that is basically neutral can make the outfit pop! Shoes aren’t a particularly large surface-area item, so don’t worry about the brightness.  It’s a subtle statement if you will… as long as you don’t wear a bunch of different colors with a bright bag and a bright headband or scarf, etc. The current color trend also calls for a little mismatching, such as a cobalt blue top with coral sandals. Mismatching can be dangerous, so keep it simple and as always, classy! Metallics are always a great option because they match everything, but you’ve probably been doing that since at least last season, and these colors offer something new to try.

With most things, use in moderation. Playing and experimenting with the current fashion color palette is exciting, but you can quickly and easily overdo it. Too many colors in one outfit (unless they are all contained in one print on one clothing item in the outfit), can be intense and borderline… well… think clowns. (Scary I know). If you let your outfit get out of control with the current trends, you can risk looking 80s. So, remember that these colors already bring an element of surprise and a certain level of intensity (especially the highlighter colors) – use them to “pop” the final statement, not to overwhelm. A good word to keep in mind: accent



(Valentino Runway)





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